We engage your employees and customers to create meaningful content and to build and mobilize your community

  • What: Employee & customer content that builds transparency and moves people

    Are you sharing authentic content from your internal subject-matter experts? We work with your technical experts to create content that gets read by the right people.

  • Who: A core team & highly curated community

    By 2020, more than 40% of the U.S. workforce will leave their full time jobs. We give you access to the best: top-notch digital marketers, content creators, analysts and community builders who have went independent.

  • Why: Be a place that employees want to work for & people want to buy from

    Employees are the eyes, ears and mouths of your organization. To engage people outside, you must engage people inside.

  • What: Give your people the best tech tools of today

    Are you equipping your humans with the best tools for the job? We implement & help teams adopt marketing automation systems, community platforms and internal communication tools.

  • What: Build a community

    We humanize B2B tech companies by connecting your organization to your community and your community members to each other for authentic buy-in.

  • Why: Marketing Dollars Get Wasted

    Today, you have to build an army of immensely loyal and passionate employees and customers that act as inbound marketers. We help you take action, track, iterate and grow.

Client Pursuits:

Oticon Medical

— on the Pursuit of building an empowered community to establish a competitive advantage.

The Work: Community management to capture market share and impact product development.

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Digi International

— on the Pursuit of achieving internal alignment to heighten productivity and impact external brand perception.

The Work: Brand perception, relevance and culture change.

Resolution Products

— on the Pursuit of mobilizing a community from the inside out for business growth.

The Work: Employee and Partner Subject-Matter Expert Content Program.

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Pursuit is a community-sourced consultancy that helps organizations engage a new era of employees and customers. We work at the intersection of company culture, marketing and technology to build your community from the inside out.

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