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Medicine X speaker

Medicine X speaker

eXL events speaker

eXL events speaker

General Assembly

General Assembly

Technori 2016

Technori 2016

The Work Talk Show

The Work Talk Show

10K hours podcast

10K hours podcast

"Liz is a terrific speaker that brings a tremendous value to many of our conferences, and we are honored to have her continue joining us."

Bianca Dux | Conference Production Director ExL Events

Upcoming Talks

  1. Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast

    The Patient Experience: Placing Patients at the Centre of Your Trial to Boost Patient Centricity Through Engagement and Retention

    March 26-27, 2019

  2. Disease Awareness Campaigns Forum

    Disease Awareness: More Than Just the Disease

    April 1-2, 2019

  3. Medicine X l CHANGE

    The Power of Female Patient Advocates: Voices of Women Who Are Being Heard and Evolving Healthcare on their Own Terms

    September 20-22, 2019

Latest Talks

  1. FiercePharmaMarketingForum

    Creative Campaigns Driving Impact Awareness, Interest, and Action

  2. Stanford Medicine X

    Creating Movement in Healthcare Organizations

  3. Technori

    Making Independent Work More Connected

  4. World Maker Faire

    Power Projects with the Internet of Things

  5. Internet Summit

    Meet The 17-Year-Old Who Created A Brain-Powered Prosthetic Arm

  6. Adaptive Clinical Trials Symposium

    Raising Clinical Trial Awareness and Innovating Enrollment with Patient Engagement

  7. Disease Awareness Campaigns Forum

    Creative Campaigns Driving Impact, Awareness, Interest, and Action

  8. 14th PR & Communications Summit

    Launch Innovative Campaigns that Connect with the Right Audiences via the Right Channels

  9. Digital Marketing for Medical Devices

    Innovative Campaigns Driving Impact, Awareness, Interest, and Action

  10. Pulse Point Digital Health Forum

    Female Power Panel

  11. 7th Content Marketing for Life Sciences

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