Cathartes came to Pursuit for a distributed work strategy. In the process, we fell in love with Cathartes’ core values and also helped the team share them with the world with company core values messaging.

Cathartes, a Boston-based private real estate development firm, found Pursuit through our articles and musings on distributed work. Jeff and Jim, Cathartes’ Principles, wanted to implement digital platforms and processes to empower their team to work from anywhere. With one billion in investments across the Northeast, team members were often working from project sites and the Cathartes office in Boston was becoming less of a necessity as the team continued to take on new spaces and projects.

The Cathartes team values the community they work in, and in turn, wanted to be out in the community as much as possible to truly understand the needs of residents.

The opportunity—our Pursuit

Cathartes knows their special sauce is their ability to envision projects from multiple team member perspectives. Projects are at their best when full collaboration happens, but the nature of the real estate industry limits the amount of time all team members are in the same place at the same time.

Cathartes partnered with Pursuit to design and implement a digital communication strategy complete with the platforms and processes needed to create internal alignment and autonomy for the team.

Before designing the digital strategy, we spent time getting to know the Cathartes team—their workflows and needs. In doing so, it became clear that this group had a unique and distinct set of core values. We saw an opportunity to also help shape messaging to share those core values with the public, while creating a distributed work strategy to put those core values to work.

Our approach

We met with the Cathartes team to understand all of the current projects and workflows around their projects for all team members. In November, two of our team members joined Cathartes for their annual offsite. During the offsite, we presented a communication compass (guide) and digital platforms for remote project management to support the work and received buy-in from the team. We worked with a Cathartes team member to implement the systems and hosted one-on-one meetings with all team members for three months following the implementation to answer questions and make iterations.

During this time, we also helped Cathartes develop messaging around their core values: balance, wellness, sustainability, and community.


Pursuit helped Cathartes implement digital tools like Asana and Slack and the processes to collaborate efficiently and effectively, reducing the need for in-person meetings.

These tools and processes also offer the benefit of added flexibility of location-independent work, while supporting Cathartes commitment to a healthy work-life balance for its team.

We provided a compass to define how and when synchronous and asynchronous communication takes place, so team members are in communication but also have the ability and agility to execute on their own workflows to get projects done faster.

The communication compass has become the handbook for new employees, and a consistent guide for team members.

Today, the way the Cathartes team works is aligned with their core values and those core values are shared in a clear, consistent way with the public both online and off.

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