We put our years of experience with The Lilly Clinical Innovation team to work by designing a new process and developing a best practices guide. We helped get the team on board with two workshops and implementation of the system.

“Thank you so much for the excellence you brought to developing the Content Marketing Best Practices Guide. It is a tremendous asset, not only to our ecosystem team, but to all of Lilly. I’m proud and eager to make sure our leadership is aware of this important work.” – Lilly Clinical Innovation team leader

“Thank you so much for sharing the content marketing best practices it was extremely informative and well thought out. The steps are really logical and I learned a great deal. Linking everything back to goal completions really enables us to focus on what works well and optimise accordingly.” – Lilly Clinical Innovation team member

The Pursuit team has worked with Lilly’s Clinical Innovation group for more than two years to launch an online platform to educate the public on clinical trials and provide a clear path to clinical study enrollment. Unlike other digital patient recruitment efforts, Lilly Trial Guide aims to create a movement around clinical trial awareness as a healthcare option and measure awareness, interest, and action throughout the entire journey.

The opportunity—our Pursuit

The clinical innovation team is made up of two groups—one assigned to product development and the other focused on promotion and patient engagement. Both teams have director level innovators distributed in different locations in the United States and the U.K. In order to better align on initiatives, work more efficiently from idea inception to regulatory approval and launch, and utilize a data-driven approach throughout, we saw an opportunity to put what we’ve learned working with the clinical innovation team into a clear best practices and processes guide.

While Lilly isn’t a fully distributed company, this was a chance to use our experience in working with and designing strategies and workflows for distributed companies whose work and communication happen in a mostly digital landscape.


Our approach

We started by developing a guide that outlines five stages that highlights how both teams work together to vet a new idea using clinical trial and industry data, bring that idea to life with content marketing best practices, use historical knowledge to help get content through the regulatory legal process more quickly, and launch and promote new assets in an effective and measurable way.

We developed the guide to act as a handbook for the clinical innovation team and hosted two workshops to bring the two parts of the team together around the best practices and processes.


By designing a five-step process, the team came together to identify what stage current projects were in and each stakeholder could clearly see the next steps to take in the launch and promotion of new assets—content, videos, infographics – to help move people through the funnel.

The workshops and guide gave the team the same language to use when making project requests for research (keyword analysis and persona development), IT (analytics tracking), approvals (within the team and corporate legal and regulatory), and promotion (paid media tactics). It also setup a natural flow for reporting success metrics and a natural feedback loop for iterations.

The complete five-step process to take ideas to launch and metrics analysis created a new workflow for the team and brought the two teams closer together as one cohesive unit.

See the work: Lilly TrialGuide

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