The Work
"The size of your life will be determined by the size of the problems that you solve"

Here's how we help you create a company that people want to work for, buy from and be advocates of:

  • Company Culture & Internal Brand Perception

    A 360-degree view of your internal community and brand perception. Why? Your employees are the eyes, ears and mouthes of your organization

  • Customer Voice / External Perception

    Understand and utilize feedback to impact product development, customer experience and marketing return

  • Tools & Systems for Digital Operations

    From cloud based tools to communication methods that help you curate company culture (from a distance for distributed teams) and create deep connections with your community

  • Community Connection, Content & Engagement

    We create strategic sprint roadmaps to fill gaps and capitalize on opportunities with methods like employee expert networks for content creation and online community building and engagement strategies and practices

We partner with companies to help build, engage, connect and mobilize internal and external communities. We execute on ideas in an iterative, measurable and meaningful way. Here’s a deeper dive into the “how” of the work we can do together.

The Bottom Line

  • More for your marketing spend, a real community of passionate users or customers
  • Higher retention rates for employees and customers
  • More productive and happy employees
  • Real-time feedback that influences product development with customer input
  • Digital operations with metrics that create an environment of test, iterate and improve

Client Pursuits:

Oticon Medical

— on the Pursuit of building an empowered community to establish a competitive advantage.

The Work: Community management to capture market share and impact product development.

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Digi International

— on the Pursuit of achieving internal alignment to heighten productivity and impact external brand perception.

The Work: Brand perception, relevance and culture change.

Resolution Products

— on the Pursuit of mobilizing a community from the inside out for business growth.

The Work: Employee and Partner Subject-Matter Expert Content Program.

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Pursuit is a community-sourced consultancy that helps organizations engage a new era of employees and customers. We work at the intersection of company culture, marketing and technology to build your community from the inside out.

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