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Oticon Medical, sister company to the hearing aid company Oticon and sibling of the William Demant holding corporation, manufacturers and sells bone anchored hearing systems and Cochlear Implants.


Oticon Medical needed to raise awareness in order to compete with more established brands like Cochlear.



While larger organizations were likely to continue to take a B2B approach and target audiologists and surgeons with information often delivered through in-person meetings, we suggested a different approach for Oticon Medical. Instead, we’d work to reach and build an online and offline community of consumers, and in turn word would filter up to the B2B community. With the Internet empowering people with information more than ever, we’re all doing more research and taking an active say in the health care devices our doctors sell us—especially when that device is attached to your head. We knew creating relationships with end-users is what would have the most impact.

The Approach

Mobilize External Advocates + Provide a Platform: Create incentives and contests for patients to create user-generated content that can be used on social channels. Curate the best content on social networks, and take the time to highlight and praise people for their contributions. Then, curate the content into packages for individual clinics to use as online or offline sales enablement material. Instead of pushing branded content, create a platform for content by the patients, for the patients. This valuable information just so happens to have a natural association to the brand and product. It’s less about us, and more about them. This approach puts Oticon Medical in the center of the success for customers. They found valuable information and a thriving a community that helped them on their journey because of the platforms Oticon Medical put in place.

Mobilize Internal Advocates + Provide a Platform: Every one wants to be an expert, but it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks. That’s why we decided to handpick experts within the organization and make them stars, just like the approach with the external community. With Google Hangouts On Air as the platform, the company interviews and shares the knowledge of employees. Not only do the employees feel great and share the content with their own professional networks—reaching the B2B audience we decided not to make our focus as mentioned earlier—it’s incredible free content that builds trust with potential customers.

Qualitative Results

Oticon Medical’s online efforts reached one of the most well known social media influencers on the web, Guy Kawasaki. Guy Kawasaki praised Oticon Medical’s social media efforts and offered to do an interview on his own experience with hearing loss and the product.

Efforts increased employee morale and created internal buzz that didn’t previously exist. Now, everyone has the opportunity to see how they’re making an impact by following the social channels.

The approach also created a cycle of feedback that breaks down organizational silos. Product teams have live data to build better products, marketing and sales shape more relevant promotions and, for lead generation efforts, the organization knows what content moves people through the buying cycle most efficiently.

Quantitative Results

With this program, the company organically built a social media presence with a following of 10,000+ people and tens of thousands of page views to every piece of content created.

Over 35% of traffic that the corporate website gets comes from the blog without any paid advertising.

The program created a content machine of owned, earned and shared media with both written and multi-media pieces that have driven:

  • 300% increase of web traffic from social referrals
  • ROI of a 50% increase in upgrade sales
  • 25% increase in new sales through digital efforts

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