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We help companies engage a new era of employees and customers by curating company culture, building and connecting internal and external communities and implementing digital technology.

If we achieve our mission, your company will go from a career to a calling for employees and from one purchase to many meaningful experiences for customers.

No jargon, no optimization for desired call-to-action, just the straight story of why Pursuit exists and why we do what we do. 

We haven’t just seen the shift in the way people work and buy, we’re working and buying differently. We believe in transparency, community, curating culture and connection.

A personal story about how Pursuit came about…

I started my career at a start-up called GOSO. I wish I could say it was because I knew and believed in the company when it only had two employees, but that wasn’t the case. I needed a job to pay rent in DC. Six months later, I got a call from a large PR firm that I’d dreamt of working for. Actually, I’d dreamt of climbing the corporate ladder and joining the c-suite. When the elevator doors opened, I realized that dream had changed. I didn’t want to be employee number 6,201.

I left, ran back to my startup and promised myself I’d never look back. Two years and a successfully grown startup later, I packed my suitcase and moved to New York City to start the social media subsidiary of iContact with Ryan Allis and Amber Rae. It was my introduction to a completely different world where work didn’t look like an office and success was more than just a numbers game.

I’ll save you the details on the freelancing and co-owned business in-between, but I ended up in a job I absolutely loved— working remotely and leading community for a cloud-based product. Soon, I was promoted to lead marketing communications for the organization. That also meant making the move from NYC to the company HQ and abandoning my remote work style. It didn’t take long for me to make a realization that would change everything:

It wasn’t just the work that made me light up: it was the way in which I was empowered to do the work and the culture created by the team I was doing the work with. 

As you can see, I’ve experimented with my career from day one. Today, that’s what we see, people jumping from job-to-job all on the pursuit of finding what fits. And we aren’t just interested in the pursuit of what fits for our careers. We want the products we buy and the services we utilize to fit with our core values. We want a human experience, something we can connect with. 

I know, it can all sound soft, but it’s time to overcome that. Because it’s far from soft, and this shift isn’t just great for people, it’s great for businesses. When embraced, we can reach the right employees, clients, customers and users by sharing our own mission and connecting that to the deep-seated core values of other humans. We can build products with real human feedback. We can create communities that multiply our reach by hundreds of thousands. 

That’s our mission. Helping companies embrace who they are to attract the right people. If we achieve our mission, your company will go from a career to a calling for employees and from one purchase to many meaningful experiences for customers.

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Our core values:

We work with companies that value:

  1. Transparency
  2. Technology
  3. Purpose
  • Success comes from persistently improving and inventing, not from persistently promoting what’s not working

    Derek Sivers

  • The most contrarian thing of all is not to oppose the crowds but to think for yourself

    Peter Thiel

  • Create tools that enable people to make decisions at the same level you would make them yourself

    Keith Rabois

  • The purpose of bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline

    Jim Collins

  • You can build something that a large number of users like a little bit, or a small number of users love a lot. If you start with ambivalence, or weak enthusiasm, and try to expand that, you’ll never get a lot of people loving it. So the advice is: find a small group of users, and make them love what you’re doing

    Sam Altman

Client Pursuits:

Oticon Medical

— on the Pursuit of building an empowered community to establish a competitive advantage.

The Work: Community management to capture market share and impact product development.

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Digi International

— on the Pursuit of achieving internal alignment to heighten productivity and impact external brand perception.

The Work: Brand perception, relevance and culture change.

Resolution Products

— on the Pursuit of mobilizing a community from the inside out for business growth.

The Work: Employee and Partner Subject-Matter Expert Content Program.

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Pursuit is a community-sourced consultancy that helps organizations engage a new era of employees and customers. We work at the intersection of company culture, marketing and technology to build your community from the inside out.

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